Outsourced Product Development & Staff Augmentation Services

Servosys Solutions has a separate division that offers high-end product development services and staff augmentation services for various IT skills. The global clients also refer to these services as OPD (Outsourced Product Development). The IP developed under these services belongs to the client solely, under most contracts.

We focus on building High-end Software Products, Platforms & IP with our expertise in Product Engineering Services for B2B and B2C Enterprises.

Our Business Domain Specialization

We Make Big Difference to Players in Segments:

  • Product ISVs
  • System Integrators
  • Internet & e-Commerce Players
  • PaaS / SaaS Providers
  • Business Process Outsourcing Orgs / Shared Captives
  • Services Organizations (BFS, Telecom, Travel, etc)

IP Specialization Areas

  • Document Management
  • Specific Workflow Platform
  • Image Capture & Compression
  • Image Processing
  • Multi-tenant / On-Cloud Business Applications
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • SaaS Platform
  • PaaS Platform
  • GIS Enablement Platform
  • Enterprise Chat Platform
  • Tools for Legacy Application Modernization
  • Customer Communications Management Platform
  • Variable Data Printing Platform
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multi-Channel Integration

Products that we have built for Our Clients

  • Computer Aided Dispatch Platform
  • Asset Reconstruction Product
  • Dealer Inventory Funding
  • Construction Finance Platform
  • Inventory Management System

Why Should You Consider Investing in IP/Products

  • Enterprises have started moving to SaaS / PaaS from traditional in-premise deployments
  • The buyer is not any more concerned about the brand of the OEM behind the scene as there is no locking-in or Cap-ex
  • This is compelling Solution Providers to build their own configurable products / platforms to remain in business
  • Option for building SaaS / PaaS using branded OEM is untenable due to license cost and flexibility
  • Hence investment in developing your own platforms has become a must

Why Need a Partner for Product Engineering Services?

  • Doing Project for a particular client is different from building a general-purpose configurable Product/Platform
  • Your organization has expertise in delivering client needs through projects
  • Hence you need a partner that has expertise in building Products/Platforms