Mobile Imaging Solutions

Servosys Solutions imaging solutions based on open source software libraries such as OpenCV and ZXing.

The modern day App Developers are often able to leverage the power of development environments and MADPs (Mobile Application Development Platforms) to the hilt. But when it comes to building Mobile Apps with powerful imaging rich features like management of images or digitized documents, it is not easy. “Image Processing” as an engineering discipline has evolved tremendously over last two decades, and it may take a Ph.D. to understand how complex image processing algorithms are.

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API Toolkit

API framework helps developers use complex image processing algorithms to build new Apps or use them from within their Apps/Applications. The key objective is to enhance workforce productivity and meet business requirements that involve image processing functionality. Many interesting use cases are found in industries like BFS (Banking and Financial Services), where images of documents and forms are traditionally collected from end customers in the field and then brought to a branch office/hub for processing and fulfilling the needs of specific business process.

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Image Compression

Typical size of an image captured by using a 5MP-8MP mobile camera ranges in between 2-2.5 MB. While on-boarding a customer or doing on-field service delivery, it is very common to take pictures of a number of supporting documents / artefacts, which can easily add up to 20-25 MB file size. The would require huge investment in network bandwidth as file transfers would require 4G or any other high bandwidth connection.

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Restoration / Auto-Correction

When images are captured on mobile devices, “trapezoidal distortions” invariably distort images to levels that render them “unusable for business”. The traditional recourse taken by the business organizations is to ask the field personnel to rescan or alter the dimensions by drawing quadrilaterals around the distorted image boundaries that requires both – skills and effort.

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QR Code Recognition

QR Code Recognition has many applications. One of the well-accepted applications in the banking and financial services industry is to use the QR Code recognition capability for capturing the data encoded in the QR code. The API supports QR code recognition and allows auto-population of data from scanned document like Aadhaar Unique ID Card.

Typically the QR code capability is used in conjunction with requirements like e-KYC wherein a licensed agency can perform the e-KYC within a few seconds.

Integrating Imaging in Your Apps

One of the typical use cases of the API is “quick on-boarding” of customers. Most business organizations want to adopt standard MADP platform for building their customer-facing or employee-facing Apps.

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This can enable your procurement, accounts, IT, HR or other departments to initiate new processes or transactions from the field or at the point where executives perform actions.

Since the API can be run on Android/iOS Mobile devices, any wrapper software can call the API for building a UI-friendly business app. Some of the features of our API are shown in figure here.

This imaging API results in huge benefits related to savings in time, workforce productivity and enhance end customer experience.