ServoStreams is the state-of-the-art product suite, designed for streamlining workflows that can be changed or evolved, as per business needs of the enterprises from time to time.

ServoStreamsprovides the framework of automation for process automation. This products is laced with advanced technologies like in-memory execution of rules for BPM, BPMN2.0 compliance, and so on as described below.

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ServoStreams Framework & API Toolkit

ServoStreams platform provides the necessary components to build rapid custom applications. At the heart of the framework and toolkit lie flexible components and well-thought APIs (Application Programming Interfaces),  that fulfil almost all requirements of the end customers from automation perspective. ServoStreams enables application architects to design most advanced and scalable systems, allowing easy manageability of process life cycle, deployment, execution, and continuous optimizations/improvements.

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ServoStreams Components

User Web Desktop – Human Workflow Touch points

ServoStreams offers a comprehensive and scalable Human Workflow touch points framework for creating applications that support dynamic activity flow. As business processes usually require human intervention the User Web Desktop provides complete view of the activities related to processes and cases pending for action.

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Process Modelling

ServoStreams supports process definition in accordance with BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation),  standards. Our Execution Engine takes BPMN 2.0 compliant XML input for process execution. Some open source process modellers generate the process definitions in standard XML format.

The objective of BPMN standard is to support business process management for both technical users and business users by providing a notation that is intuitive to business users, yet able to represent complex process semantics (graphically).

Master Data Management

The Master Data Management module of ServoStreams provides web-based functionality for managing masters. The maintenance of master data including entry, editing, searching and retrieval of data is catered by this module. This module manages the potentially redundant and inconsistent data across various applications. Also, the interface enables users to ensure the quality of the data without accessing technical interfaces or preparing complex queries.

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 Web Admin Console

The Web Admin Console module of ServoStreams provides unified web-based interface for organizations to execute, deploy and manage processes.

The high level functionalities are:

  • Centralized management of the admin.
  • User admin tasks such as adding new users to process, editing and deleting existing users, and managing security
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ServoStreams enables you to produce reports which can show real-time as well as periodic data. The reports are important for measuring and monitoring process effectiveness and can also help get insights for process improvement from time to time.

Operational data can be retrieved on the current activity/process step along with detailed information. Dashboard provides tabular business information. Reports can be downloaded in various format.

Execution Engine

Execution Engine is the heart of the ServoStreams product suite and is based on the state of the art technologies. This piece is responsible for execution of rules. It routes the work to queues, users or systems as per definitions. The engine is hosted on the standard Application Servers like WebLogic, JBOSS, etc.

The execution engine has been tested for thousands of users and has become benchmark for other systems as per our client’s assessment.

Routing Rules Engine

ServoStreams has built-in Routing Rules Engine for routing that moves the work from one step to the next based on business rules. It allocates task to different executors (humans & robots),  communicating data and documents among participants, thereby facilitating paperless process.

Built-in DMS

ServoStreams™ has a built-in basic document repository for management of documents. The internal DMS is part and parcel of the product offering and has capabilities like archiving, retrieving, indexing and searching.

ServoStreams™ can also connect with external DMS (if required).