ServoDocs is a leading-edge Document Management System (DMS) that has the capability to archive, retrieve and index documents and provide fast search, independent of the size of the document repository. This product has been designed for delivering high performance and integrates with external systems through APIs. ServoDocs is useful for long-term archive-retrieve use cases as well as short-term transactional use cases. It helps transform digitized paper documents and electronic files into valuable knowledge asset for the organizations that need to deal with unstructured documents for conducting business, as the system allows authorized access to the archived documents. This product also helps users maintain versions of the documents uploaded into the system.

Business applications like Core Banking System, Lending Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Customer On-boading, Core Insurance, ERP, etc can be integrated with ServoDocs through APIs.

ServoDocs is capable of uploading, searching, downloading and updating different type of documents like pdf, jpeg, jpg, .tiff, .xls, .doc and so on.

API Toolkit

The key features of ServoDocs Document Management System available through the API are as follows:

  • Addition of folders.
  • Addition of documents.
  • Addition of folders with Metadata.
  • Addition of documents with Metadata.
  • Get list of folders and sub-folders.
  • Get list of documents.
  • Get children (both folders and documents).
  • Document retrieval.
  • Search folder on Metadata.
  • Search documents on Metadata.
  • Support all file formats.
  • List view of document versions.