Best Asset Reconstruction Company Software Solutions
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Asset Reconstruction Companies(ARCs) Solutions

A new generation Business Process Management Suite that streamlines processes to help you build a system to clean up NPAs and recover your bad loans. Connect With Servosys

What is Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) Process?

What Is ARC Process

A large number of banks and financial institutions across the globe are struggling with their bad assets or non-performing assets which are very detrimental to the healthy growth of the business. Essentially, the work of cleaning up these bad assets from lenders’ balance-sheets is of utmost importance. But, to recover those stressed assets, banks cannot start running after their defaulters as it distracts them from their core activities and that’s why lenders need a specialized institution that can help them clean up their balance sheet, helping them in focusing on their business activities and grow more.

These institutions are called Asset Reconstruction companies (ARCs). An ARC basically buys a pool of bad assets and acquires legal rights (viz., management control of borrower’s business, auctions of securities, etc.) from the lenders on mutually agreed values, by paying cash or depositing security receipts. Once these rights are acquired, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) starts their recovery processes by exploiting various legal and statutory provisions available to them within the geographical jurisdiction of their business operation. In other words, the business operation involved in the recovery process is subject to the regulatory and legal compliance of the local authorities.

In India, one such authority that regulates the operation of Asset Reconstruction Company (ARCs) is the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Similarly, legal remedies such as the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, SARFAESI Act, etc. help them to get hassle-free and early resolutions of cases.

What is ARC Process Automation Software?

What Is ARC Process Automation Software
  • Once an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARCs) has purchased a pool of bad assets, the bank provides details such as the Borrower’s name, Address details, Principal amount and Interest details, etc. to ARCs typically in a . CSV files.
  • These files are used by Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) in setting up various processes, like ‘One-Time Settlement’, ‘re-scheduling of interest payment term for borrower’, ‘monitoring and processing the payment receipt, etc.
  • Furthermore, each of these processes holds a set of activities. For example, a process named ‘one-time settlement’ has multiple activities, such as case initiation (bringing a borrower’s details into a tray), distribution of cases among recovery agents’, ‘collection of payment’, ‘payment receipt processing’, ’telephonic conversation follow-ups’, etc. Now, these activities will be performed by various users of an Asset Reconstruction Company, sitting at different levels of the team hierarchy.
  • Similarly, post-collection of payment, re-adjustment in the borrower’s account – re-calculation of interest, cost incurred in receiving the payment, promise-to-pay follow-ups, approval of part payment requests, etc. are managed as well. Apart from these operations, an Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) is also required to manage its master investor’s details, trust details, access rights of processes to its users, performance reports, compliance monitoring, and so on.

So, in light of the above-mentioned operational requirements of Asset Reconstruction Companies, ARC processing software is used to provide complete automation of the entire

What is ServoARC for Asset Reconstruction Companies?

What ServoARC For Assets Reconstruction Companies

ServoARC is a web-based enterprise application to streamline and automate various ARC-related processes/operations, such as the creation of trusts, allocation of cases to recovery agents, basic details updating, loan account-related information updating, NPA details, etc. The user can also update the borrower’s details such as collection status, interest/penalty calculation, promise-to-pay, calls/ follow-up trails, etc. when he/she is carrying out recovery processes. The built-in routing rules engine of the ServoARC routes the various work items through different activities of the process. The interface also allows the user to perform various operations like raising an exception, creating new work item, storing/searching trust, borrowers, updating addresses or co-applicant details, data, and files, processing various checklists, submission of bulk work items, uploading requisite documents received from the customer or 3rd parties applications associated with various activities, generation of intimation letters, report generations, etc.

Benefits of Servosys ARC Process Automation Platform

Ready to use template

Ready To Use Template

ServoARC is ready to use template built on ServoStreams BPM platform which can be quickly configured and the customer can start its operation within a couple of weeks.

Single unified touch points

Single Unified Touch Points

For streamlining and automating Asset Reconstruction Company processes, Servosys provides a single application that can be integrated with all types of business applications so that different users can work on a case and collaborate in real-time.

Complete integration ecosystem

Complete Integration Ecosystem

ServoARC comes with multiple application connectors so that the customer can integrate with their internal and external business application and other 3rd party services. It enables the customer to seamlessly send/receive documents and information in real time.

Increase Productivity

More Productivity

By digitizing the Asset Reconstruction Companies processes, customers are able to reduce the Turnaround Time or TAT by several times. This leads to an increase in productivity as more cases can be processed at the same time. It also helps them reduce the need for a workforce. Eventually, their operational cost is reduced and top-line numbers are increased.

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