Best Integration Ecosystem: Servosys excels in Robotic Process Automation
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Servosys BPMS and RPA integration ecosystem

Best Integration Ecosystem: Servosys excels in Robotic Process Automation

Cathy Tornbohm, Gartner, says, “RPA tools are the ‘Babel fish’ of the technology world as they can interact with any type of system.”


A decade ago, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology started gaining momentum in various high technology-driven industries. And, like ‘as usual’, some Banking and Financial Institutions (BFSI), this time again, adopted this technology wholeheartedly but skepticism was not an exception for many players.


Over the period of time, other technologies, which are the core of any successful RPA, such as Business Rule Engine, Workflow Process Automation in tandem with techniques such as Low Code Automation and Straight-through-Processing (STP) have successfully proven their efficacy. And, businesses across the industries have seen a very positive impact of the adoption of RPA on various KPIs – process Turnaround Time, manpower requirements, and Customer Experience.


Cutting short to the post-pandemic world order, now RPA is no longer is a choice for some elite BFSI players but is an ultimate need of the hour for every medium to large BFSI player.


However, Servosys Solutions being a forefront RPA Technology and Solution provider has observed that the success of RPA implementation depends on many factors, but prominently on – the scalability of Process Workflow Automation platform, the effectiveness of Low Code Automation, efficient Integration Ecosystem, Vendor’s domain expertise, auditing and validation of overall RPA implementation by reputed Consulting and Advisory Firms (viz. BCG, Mckinsey), etc.


So far, in various Posts, we have covered Low code, RPA, STP, Workflow Automation, etc., like topics, extensively. But, this article is about our Integration Ecosystem that plays a very crucial role in ensuring a successful RPA implementation work.


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Sachin Rajput
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