Servosys Solutions | Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Services
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BPO and Shared Services

Our automation solutions are reimagining BPO and Shared Services Centers (SSCs) organizations by enabling them with cutting edge digital capabilities. Connect With Servosys

Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Services

Many small to large enterprises have always been struggling with the challenges such as multiplicity of channels to collect and process requests from all customers, real-time and seamless reading and integration of data, multiplicity of channels to define, improve and evolve business rules and others related to shared organizational infrastructure. These fields require constant need of innovation.

To effectively handle these challenges and to bring a centralization and standardization in place, digital process automation is being widely accepted across the globe as it has exhibited its capability to turnaround the way businesses such as BPO and organizations’ shared service centers function.

Processes We Streamline

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is the core of our Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) – that combines multiple technologies to bring end-to-end automation in place. Our BPMS is encompassing RPA and other technologies such as DMS, Mobile Imaging to ensure the processes from lead generation, KYC, customer on-boarding, customer profiling, underwriting to exception management and disbursal of loan can be completed within minutes without human intervention.

Advantages of Using our RPA enabled BPMS:

  • 1

    Accounts Payable
  • 2

    Purchase to Pay
  • 3

    Accounts Receivables
  • 4

    Order to Cash
  • 5

    Freight Management


1. Omni-channel for Direct Customer-facing Services

  • Collecting and processing customers request from multiple channels.
  • Managing the workflow to customer-facing processes
  • Reading and validating customers’ request
  • Capturing, updating and integrating customers’ record with existing data
  • Improving customers’ experiences
  • Connecting front-offices team with back-office team for real-time collaboration


  • Mobile/Tab-based Digitized (Paperless) Operations
  • Unique ID-based e-KYC and Integrated with Govt. ID Verification (viz. NSDL for PAN).
  • ‘Tab-mode-enabled’ promotional meeting
  • Integrated Imaging and scanning solutions.
  • Integrated front-to-back offices for real-time collaboration and communications.
  • Tab-mode enabled e-KYC.
  • Integrated Imaging and scanning solutions for document processing

2. Driving Centralization and Standardization

  • Designing, deploying and improving new processes and services.
  • Enabling organization-wide uniform process orchestration.
  • Dynamically managing cases.
  • Streamlining and standardization document- based process workflow.
  • Enabling business-wide-collaboration


  • 0 compliant automation platform.
  • Configurable routing business rules engine.
  • Automatic work distribution and centralized processing.
  • Complex exception management for productivity.
  • User and Group management (Rights Management) to enable business-wide-collaboration.

3. Ensuring Compliance to Regulatory Norms and SLAs

  • Uniformly maintaining SLAs at all branches/channels.
  • Seamlessly coping up with local and global regulatory compliances.
  • Tracking status of regulatory requirements.
  • Increased internal collaboration among different teams – legal, accounts, finance, etc.


  • Centralized system equipped with document management capability for tracking and monitoring.
  • Data validation according to the regulatory norms.
  • Dashboard-based reporting on regulatory compliances.
  • Unified and front-to-back connected interface to enable better collaboration among different teams.

4. Document Management System

  • Capturing, storing, and archiving customers’ document in a single repository
  • Reading data from paper-based or electronic documents and passing to internal applications (CRM, CMS, etc.) and external applications (APIs).
  • Indexing, archival and searching of information from documents.


  • Automatic versioning, zipping of files, and storage in a hierarchical manner in a central repository.
  • Metadata based vary easy rights definition mechanism.
  • Indexing for archival of documents for both mobile imaging and scanners.
  • Enabled selective/restrictive ‘View’/’Edit’ feature, to allow faster decision making capabilities to senior managers
  • Mobile-first approach, BPMN 2.0 compatible, etc.


  1. Faster Delivery Time: A single Integrated application for Mobile and Web for end-to-end process automation reduces request processing turnaround time.
  2. Greater Customer Satisfaction: The automation enabled processing and customer servicing reduce the required time to deliver service. Advanced exception handling, monitoring and management improves customer satisfaction.
  3. Better Quality: Better SLA and regulatory compliance management to improve quality.
  4. Reduced Manpower Requirement: The automation-enabled document and file handling mechanism significantly reduces the requirement of manpower.
  5. Lower Cost: Lesser TAT, reduced manpower requirement and automation-enabled processing reduce cost, increase productivity.