Best CASA (Current Account Saving Account) Software Solutions
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CASA (Current Account Saving Account) Software Solutions

ServoStreams® BPM Platform-Based Digital Lending Solutions for Banks and NBFCs: Revolutionizing the Lending Landscape Connect With Servosys

Servosys CASA Software Solutions

A fast-growing and newly operationalized bank wanted a CASA digital banking software solution to grow its customer base by bringing more customers on board through account opening services – Current Accounts and Saving Accounts.

Servosys CASA Solution Suite for Banks & NBFCs

Efficiently managing the lifecycle of CASA opening process requires a robust BPM platform specifically tailored to the needs of banks. ServoStreams® BPM platform plays a pivotal role in the successful issuance and management of account opening process, offering the following:

Business Process Management Software

Seamless Collaboration

ServoStreams® BPM platform facilitates seamless collaboration between the bank and the partner brand. It streamlines the communication channels, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned and can efficiently contribute to the CASA opening process.

Business Process Management Solutions

End-to-End Automation

From application processing sand delivery, our BPM platform automates the entire workflow. This automation significantly reduces manual effort, eliminates errors, and accelerates CASA opening process, enabling you to provide a swift and hassle-free experience to CASA holders.

business process management tools

Customization and Personalization

Our BPM platform allows you to customize CASA opening process based on your partner brand’s preferences and your target audience’s needs. You can easily configure rewards programs, promotional campaigns, and other features to deliver a personalized experience that resonates with your customers.

business process management system

Risk Management and Compliance

Compliance with regulatory requirements is a critical aspect of CASA Opening process. Our BPM platform incorporates risk management and compliance features, ensuring that all necessary checks and balances are in place. This minimizes the risk of fraudulent activities and enhances security for both your institution and the CASA holders.

Key Features of Servosys CASA Software Solutions

Straight-Through Processing (STP)

ServoStreams® BPM automates CASA opening, expediting applications with advanced workflow management, reducing errors, and speeding up customer service.

Instant Customer Checks

Our Platform prioritizes customer due diligence with essential checks, seamless integration for deduplication, and automated decision-making.

Flexible Configuration and Customization

Our Solutions enables customizable CASA opening workflows with a flexible Business Rules Engine for tailored compliance and efficiency.

Real-Time Dashboards for Reporting

Our advanced analytics and ServoDashboard offer valuable CASA book insights, optimizing processes and driving data-driven decisions for banks.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Seamless integration with core banking systems and scalability for application volumes, serving banks of all sizes for CASA opening.

Workflow Management

Implement End-to-End loan workflow automation, enabling seamless coordination between different stakeholders such as Field Officers, Branch Managers, Credit Underwriters and Operations Teams.

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Industry Solutions

Harness the Powerful Products


BPM Suite

Advanced BPMN2.0 compliant BPM Suite with a set of tools that enables rapid automation of business processes involving Human & Robotic executors.


Document Management 

Enterprise DMS for voluminous Archival/Retrieval and extensive integration needs capable of using cloud object storage like Amazon S3.


Web Scanning Workflow

TWAIN-compliant Web-Scanning Imaging Workflow System with centralized control, multipage document generation, editing like add/delete, etc.


Mobile & Desktop SDK

Mobile-based Image Processing Library for image auto-correction, compression, JPG to PDF/TIFF conversion, and more; built on open source.