Current and Savings Accounts (CASA) Customer Onboarding Software
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Digital CASA Account Opening Software Solution

Transforming Banking Landscape with Digital CASA Account Opening Solution. Futuristic Technology to Streamline Account Openings for a Digitally Connected World Connect With Servosys

Project Overview

Digital Casa Account Opening Software


A fast-growing and newly operationalized bank wants a CASA digital banking software solution to grow its customer base by bringing more customers on board through account opening services – Current Accounts and Savings Accounts. As the current accounts for that lender were good sources of profit margin, the lender approached Servosys Solutions to streamline, fully digitized, and paperless account opening processes through the CASA software platform.

casa digital banking Software Solutions

The challenges faced without a Digital CASA Account Opening Software Platform

  • The number of new customers getting onboard per month was quite low as the bank was offering branch-based CASA (Current Account and Savings Accounts) opening services, in the absence of CASA banking software solutions.
  • A very time-consuming process was being followed to validate customer data and information without a digital CASA solution.
  • The scanning, editing, and storage of documents were being manually handled.
  • Information was being captured from the documents manually, no automatic mechanism for information capturing from e-document was there.
  • There were no mechanisms were in place to automatically deal with processes such as De-dupe checks, AML checks, and other financial auditing works.

Servosys Digital CASA Account Opening Software Solutions Offers

  • A Tab/Mobile-enabled integrated and fully automated CASA digital banking software platform allowed mobility and faster processing.
  • An automated digital CASA software system, same feet on the street, enabled executives to streamline processes from document collection to customer profiling and customer onboarding at their choice of location.
  • High-performance document management is put in place to manage documents and read information from them.
  • Processes were made paperless by bringing automation integrated with a document management system integrated with a digital CASA platform in place.
  • Automated De-dupe, AML check, and other processing related to customer onboarding processes.

Major benefits of switching to our Digital CASA Software Platform

  • Increase in margins as Current Accounts now form 70% share of its Liabilities.
  • Reached 1 million+ CASA accounts within 18 months of banking operations with the help of our CASA digital banking software solutions.
  • Transactions increased 4 times within 18 months.