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Chatbot With AI/NLP

Streamlining large to small ticket-sized corporate lending processes by providing an automation system,document management system to streamline workflow, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. Connect With Servosys

Project Overview

ChatBot is a key to automating query resolution and ticketing processes. This helps not only in increased Customer Satisfaction but also reduces man-power cost at the backend.

Solutions Offered

Our solution allows straight-through processing for certain requests and the rest that require human intervention are passed to respective executives based on business rules. The ChatBot allowed our client to improve their end-customer experience by providing them with personalized assistance in the form of robots. End-customers can get his/her query resolved at any time of the day without actually calling/ sending emails as this provides a 2-way 0communication channel 24×7 for most queries.


  • Provides a medium through which Computers can understand Human speech for end-to-end process automation.
  • NLP helps in recognizing key words from the User’s request (language can be structured/unstructured) for optimal resolution.
  • No manual intervention required by the Business providers thereby reducing the cost.
  • No follow-ups or back-to-back calls required by the End User.