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Consumer Durables Industry Solutions

Our offerings combines automation and other technology solutions together to amplify performance of Consumer Durables companies across its functions and provide them huge competitive advantage. Connect With Servosys

Consumer Durables and Servosys Solutions

Consumer Durable market is riding on the various growth drivers such as drastic increase in demand from rural areas, changing lifestyle due to growing awareness, easier credit access, increasing per capita income, etc.

Consumer goods -Indian economy’s 4th largest industry, with these factors as key stimulating factors, is poised to cross the trillion US dollar marks within a span of two years.

Putting the digital capability in the core, Servosys solutions is transforming the consumer durable industry by streamlining and automating their processes across its function. Our state-of-the-art automation solutions are helping various organizations to outperform on their key indicators such as meeting pick consumer demands, managing short sales cycles, reducing average time required to sale and increasing the margin per product or category.

Our product and technology solutions broadly classified into:

  1. Field Service Management
  2. Field Complaint Collaboration
  3. Inventory Management System
  4. Warehouse Inspection

Key Components of Our Offerings

  • BPMS: ServoStreams, an advanced Business Process Automation Suite (BPMS) automates end-to-end processes and increases the throughput rate and reduces the process cycle. For a process such as Inventory Management, our BPMS allows you to deploy the document workflow, define rules, grant access to executors, communicates with different applications and systems, integrate various resources such as documents, machines, data, human touch-points and streamlines and automates the entire processes.
  • DMS:A smart Document Management System (DMS) can manage a huge volume of documents – from indexing, folder-wise storage and archival, retrieval, to searching and provides the right document or information in right time to human or application.
  • Web ScanningSolution: A configurable and web-based scanning utility communicates with TWAIN compliant scanners, with basic editing and scanning defects removal mechanism, helps organizations to conveniently digitize their data assets.
  • Imaging Solution: Our Mobile/Tab compatible Imaging utility helps organizations to deal with image conversions and formatting, viz. JPG to TIFF, colour-depth, etc., pluggable to Apps, helps organizations to fulfil their need of imaging of documents to be used in their workflow automation.
  • Reporting and Performance Tracking Solution: Our real-time performance tracking system or a dashboard based reporting system helps organizations to keep a vigil eye on their key performance indicators. The reporting system allows users to access various performance metrics, plan and tweak their strategies or take preventive measures in-time, if something goes wrong.


  • Streamlined In-Out Inventory Processes: The end-to-end process automation streamlines processes in a record low time and smoothly manages the processesof recording, distributing, and fulfillment of high volume of outgoing and incoming goods.
  • Reduction in Turnaround Time (TAT):Our BPMS in combination with other technologies and solutions drastically reduces the required time to process a request and thereby reduces TAT.
  • Reduction in Manpower Needs:The process automation and efficient utilization of resources requires less manpower to process a request.
  • Gain in Process Efficiency and ROI: our solutions are known for its robustness and maintaining higher accuracy in its calculation which together with other factors – automation and streamlined processes not just increase quality but also increase the top-line growths. Real-Time Reporting of Supply Vs Consumer Demand:Real-time reporting allows key decision makers take the required course of action in-time and plan and implementstrategies to ensure adequate supply against fluctuating demand and thereby improve service quality