Corporate Lending Software | Commercial Loan Origination Solutions
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End-to-End Corporate Lending Solutions

Streamlining large to small ticket-sized corporate/commercial lending processes by providing an automated corporate lending software, document management system to streamline workflow, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. Connect With Servosys

Project Overview

Corporate Lending Software

The customer, one of the biggest banks in Asia, which deals in corporate and SME lending businesses, was struggling with the higher turnaround time of the corporate loan process. Document-intensive corporate lending processes required a streamlined corporate lending software with a document management system with greater editing/reviewing/modification capability. And, as an automated corporate lending system to streamline process workflow and real-time monitoring system to keep a vigil eye on KPIs so that TAT can be reduced, productivity can be increased and customer experience can also be improved.

Corporate & Commercial Lending Software Solutions

Corporate loan origination challenges

  • There was no single and end-to-end corporate loan origination software for taking care of all steps of lending starting from lead generation to loan disbursement of large-ticket corporate loans.
  • Various teams like senior directors, legal, accounts, third-party vendors, etc. found it difficult to collaborate, and loan disbursement TAT was too long.
  • Comments from all team members were not recorded in the system and an audit trail did not exist.
  • Seniors were required to first write in MS Word or MS Excel before they could paste things like tables, graphs, etc. into the Credit Appraisal Memo (CAM).
  • Sometimes the file sizes would become as big as 900 pages due to static and dynamic inputs, posing challenges for the approving parties.

Corporate lending solution offered

  • An end-to-end corporate loan origination system was implemented using Servosys product suite ServoStreams that streamlined the entire process of reviewing, modifying terms, sanctioning, and disbursing the loans along with audit trails.
  • The stakeholders can now make changes to the selected portions of the CAM/CAL or T&Cs through unique control systems provided and also leave comments for future audit purposes using our corporate lending software solution.
  • The corporate loan origination software generated a variable length PDF that was optimized based-on industry type.
  • A centralized system equipped with document management capability for tracking and monitoring was provided.
  • We provided an interface for the entire corporate loan process in a single unified manner for all the stakeholders, including customers with many DIY features for them thereby increasing customer experience and satisfaction.

Major benefits of corporate lending software solution

  • TAT of around 3 months is reduced to under 1-1.5 month.
  • Lead generation and customer engagement up by 25% in 6 months.
  • Clear visibility of on-going business, thus diminishing the risk of NPAs.