Best Digital Lending Software Solutions
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Digital Lending Software Solutions

ServoStreams® BPM Platform-Based Digital Lending Solutions for Banks and NBFCs: Revolutionizing the Lending Landscape Connect With Servosys

Servosys Digital Lending Solution

Servosys Digital Lending Solutions can help to improve efficiency by automating many of the manual tasks involved in loan origination. This can free up staff time to focus on other activities, such as customer service or risk management. It can also help to improve accuracy by reducing the risk of human error. This is particularly important in the case of complex loans, such as corporate, mortgage, or commercial loans. ServoStreams® BPM Platform-based Digital Lending Solutions can also help improve compliance by ensuring that all lending processes are in line with the regulatory requirements of the Banks and Financial Institutions.

Servosys Digital Lending Solution Suite for Banks & NBFCs

End to End Process Automation in Digital Lending

End-to-End Process Automation

ServoStreams® BPM Platform empowers Banks and Financial Institutions to automate the entire lending lifecycle, from Lead Generation, Pre-Screening, Credit Underwriting, to Loan Disbursement. Automated workflows eliminate manual intervention, reducing processing time and enhancing accuracy.

Seamless Integration In Digital Lending

Seamless Integration

ServoStreams® BPM platform can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, such as Core Banking Solutions, Credit Bureaus, Loan Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Human Resource Management System etc. These integrations ensures data consistency, improves decision-making, and facilitates a smooth flow of information across various stages of the lending process.

Enhanced Risk Management In Digital Lending

Enhanced Risk Management

Digital lending platform powered ServoStreams® BPM offer comprehensive risk assessment capabilities. Through rule-based decision engines and real-time reporting dashboards, financial institutions can evaluate creditworthiness, detect fraudulent activities, and mitigate risks effectively.

Improved Compliance In Digital Lending

Improved Compliance

In the highly regulated lending industry, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is critical. ServoStreams® BPM platform provide built-in compliance frameworks, enabling banks and NBFCs to adhere to industry standards, data privacy regulations as per RBI and other Govt. bodies etc.

Agility and Scalability In Digital Lending

Agility and Scalability

With a ServoStreams® BPM-based digital lending solution, Banks & Financial Institutions gain the flexibility to adapt to changing market demands quickly. The scalable nature of BPM platforms allows seamless expansion and accommodates increasing loan volumes without compromising performance.

Key Features of Servosys Digital Lending Solution

ServoStreams® BPM platform-based digital lending solution encompasses a range of powerful features designed to optimize lending processes and drive business growth:

Online Loan Application

Enable borrowers to apply for loans online through a user-friendly and intuitive interface, reducing paperwork and enhancing customer convenience.

Automated Credit Scoring

Through integrations with multiple credit bureaus, system can assess borrowers’ creditworthiness efficiently, ensuring accurate loan decisions and reducing the risk of defaults.

Document Management

Digitize and manage loan-related documents securely, enabling easy access, efficient verification, and minimizing the risk of document loss or misplacement.

Real-time Notifications

Keep borrowers informed about their loan application status, repayment schedules, and any changes in loan terms through automated notifications via email and SMS.


ServoStreams® BPM platform features ServoDashboard, an inbuilt reporting tool for Banks & financial Institutions. Gain insights into lending performance, portfolio quality, and customer behavior with comprehensive reports for strategic decision-making.

Workflow Management

Implement End-to-End loan workflow automation, enabling seamless coordination between different stakeholders such as Field Officers, Branch Managers, Credit Underwriters and Operations Teams.

Benefits of Servosys Digital Lending Solution

Experienced by Our Digital Lenders

The adoption of our BPM platform-based Digital Lending Solution offers the following benefits to Banks and NBFCs:

Faster Loan Processing: Streamline lending operations, reduce manual efforts, and eliminate paperwork bottlenecks, resulting in faster loan processing and disbursal.
Improved Customer Experience: Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and personalized lending experience, reducing turnaround time, and ensuring clear communication throughout the loan journey.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automate routine tasks, enforce standardized processes, and reduce errors, leading to improved operational efficiency, increased productivity, and cost savings.
Better Risk Management: Strengthen risk assessment and fraud detection capabilities, leading to more accurate loan decisions, minimized defaults, and enhanced portfolio quality.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry regulations, data privacy laws, and RBI guidelines, reducing compliance-related risks and potential penalties.
Scalability and Adaptability: Seamlessly scale your lending operations to handle growing loan volumes and easily adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands.

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Industry Solutions

Harness the Powerful Products


BPM Suite

Advanced BPMN2.0 compliant BPM Suite with a set of tools that enables rapid automation of business processes involving Human & Robotic executors.


Document Management 

Enterprise DMS for voluminous Archival/Retrieval and extensive integration needs capable of using cloud object storage like Amazon S3.


Web Scanning Workflow

TWAIN-compliant Web-Scanning Imaging Workflow System with centralized control, multipage document generation, editing like add/delete, etc.


Mobile & Desktop SDK

Mobile-based Image Processing Library for image auto-correction, compression, JPG to PDF/TIFF conversion, and more; built on open source.