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Advantage Cloud

Extending the advantage of Cloud -based, managed solutions to the budding enterprises, making their digital journeys easier with Opex models. Connect With Servosys

DMS on Cloud Overview

Advantage Cloud

Jumpstart the Digital Journey of Your Business with Cloud-Based DMS

Fundamentally, the Cloud-based offerings help you make faster decisions as CAPEX (Capital Expense) can be avoided and you can buy the Software as a Service (SaaS) on a rental model under your permitted OPEX (Operational Expense). Thus you prevent the bigger outflow of cash that would have otherwise been paid upfront toward the purchase of a perpetual license for the software product and implementation services. A great way to Jumpstart your business.

Advantage Cloud Solutions

Use Cloud Without Downloading The Software

With Cloud-Based DMS you can access documents remotely from anywhere, anytime via any system or device connected to the Internet without having to download any desktop client or mobile app. Let your workforce work smartly with systematically organized business documents based on how you want to do your business and without any fear of security breaches as the documents remain in encrypted form.

Advantage Cloud Software

Reduce Your TCO & IT Support Needs

The biggest advantage is that you incur no expense toward in-house server maintenance, upgrades, hot fixes, patches, security fixes, product licenses, backups, and monitoring. You can demand the same features and functionalities of DMS that a vendor gives for in-premise products. This lowers your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and you can free up the technical personnel for other tasks or retool them to pursue the core objectives of your organization.

Advantage Cloud Software

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Choose Greener Option

The Cloud-based document management system is greener than the traditional premise-based DMS. The cloud option is environmentally better as it shares the cooling and energy needs of multiple servers, reduces the need for separate storage space, and uses less local energy from the enterprise perspective. These brownie points are over and above the benefits that any DMS gives in terms of not saving paper that otherwise is directly responsible for trees that are felled every year.

Why Do You Need Cloud-Based Solutions

Cloud-based solutions are becoming popular, particularly for a segment of customers where enterprises wish to jumpstart their business without having to buy expensive servers or hire a tech workforce to support the business. Businesses that are involved in document-intensive processes (e.g. services industries) require a robust Document Management System. Document-related requirements such as the availability of documents, their storage, quick retrieval, indexing, etc. have wider ramifications on the overall document movement time and productivity of any organization. So, having a DMS in place is paramount but it comes with the chances of higher cash outflow, complex and relatively lengthy deployment process, extra Server and IT costs, training, and so on are other challenges. The best way to find out which solution is right for your enterprise is to have a DMS from a partner that can give you managed services.


The DMS on Cloud offers a convenient alternative to DMS that helps organizations to carry out all the document-related operations on par with most DMS without investing much. It saves small enterprises from unnecessarily buying an expensive product as they can avail of the product on a rental basis, and pay for what ‘they use only’. So, the product is quickly available, deployment is easy, and a wide range of features can be availed, while the fee varies basis the quantum of uses and it requires no investment in IT infrastructure. These features are vital for small and medium ranges enterprises and even a smart decision for larger enterprises if fits their requirement, to focus on their core operations.

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Know how you can easily available all the features of a modern DMS on the Cloud and save your organizations from buying expansive traditional  DMS.

Features & Functionalities Of Cloud DMS

No Setup & Maintenance Cost

As with other digital technologies the obvious benefit of the cloud-based DMS is that it takes away the need for “physical” solutions. For a start-up and small/medium or SME businesses, the biggest challenge is the capital investment. Using cloud-based systems you not only eliminate the initial setup cost of software but also costs related to their maintenance.

World wide web access

A cloud-based document management system establishes an indexing system that automatically organizes all your files once they are uploaded. It allows you to store documents from any web/mobile application anytime, and anywhere. You can easily locate and access a file within seconds, irrespective of the device you are using.

Improved Security

Document security is a major concern, the cloud-based DMS offers a maximum level of security as the security and encryption patches are updated regularly and hence it protects from hackers to invade your computer system. Many industries have strict document and record keeping compliance requirements, and security is the major one.

Scalability On The Tap

Increase in resources over a cloud based DMS is very easy as start-ups and SME organizations usually start low but soon require uninterrupted scalability of resources, including more users and use cases for meeting their seasonal needs. Usually any business faces a growth in its documents with increase of sales, market share and reach.The user package can be upgraded for a small increase in the rates.

Quick Deployment

Unlike the in-premise based DMS that involves projecting and procuring the right space, hardware servers, power, etc, the Cloud DMS is simple and does not create teething issues for your enterprise. The cloud based DMS only requires the user to register the company, and create the relevant user profiles for getting started.

Integrations Friendly

Applications like Core System, LMS, CRM, ERP etc. can be integrated with DMS on Cloud systems through APIs. Moreover, a well organized set of API tool-kit further offers plethora of features retrieval, folder and document search on Metadata, List View of document versions, etc.

Areas Where Enterprises Exploit DMS on Cloud Systems The Most

Where the buyer is not interested in setting up their own hardware servers.

Where the requirement is to build a paperless or a less-paper system.

Where the buyer needs fast and easy retrieval / access to documents.

Where managing documents and its associated data is important.

Where control is required for access rights, distribution and managing documents.

Where business is in early stages and needs quick operational scalability.

Where business is more concerned about security & compliance at lesser cost.

Where extra capacity is needed to meet seasonal surges in transaction volume.

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Industry Solutions

Harness the Powerful Products


BPM Suite

Advanced BPMN2.0 compliant BPM Suite with a set of tools that enables rapid automation of business processes involving Human & Robotic executors.


Document Management 

Enterprise DMS for voluminous Archival/Retrieval and extensive integration needs capable of using cloud object storage like Amazon S3.


Web Scanning Workflow

TWAIN-compliant Web-Scanning Imaging Workflow System with centralized control, multipage document generation, editing like add/delete, etc.


Mobile & Desktop SDK

Mobile-based Image Processing Library for image auto-correction, compression, JPG to PDF/TIFF conversion, and more; built on open source.