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Document Management System Software

Streamline Your DMS

Ensuring accessibility to business documents directly or through integrated systems using powerful APIs without worrying about scalability. Connect With Servosys

Enterprise Document Management System Overview

Document Management System

Know Whether You Are Buying a Traditional or Modern DMS Software

A traditional DMS software or Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) software is a system on which documents and files of an organization can be archived, retrieved back, and utilized by a small set of Users, and I/O optimization or handling of voluminous files or paper documents is a key concern there. Whereas the modern DMS software is designed for high-performance I/O and takes center stage in any enterprise’s digital strategy like a powerhouse providing fast document access to and from any external applications through API integration. A buyer must check before purchasing a DMS product whether it is a traditional document management software built decades ago or is truly a new technology-based Modern Document Management Software.

Enterprise Document Management System - edms software

Look for Scalability, Security & Future-Readiness

In layman’s terms, it means the product should have been architected for scalability, tested for high I/O efficiency, and supported multiple storage types in a single installation. And, it must contain a complete integration ecosystem for integration with external or internal Applications or Services. In case you are replacing an old-generation enterprise document management system with a Modern enterprise document management system then you should also check for evidence whether the vendor has successfully migrated documents and data from other systems. The system should provide security options with the highest standards of encryption and should be able to maintain multiple versions of the documents.

Best Document Management Software

Start Early If Your Business Is Going to Scale Up

If your current business is good without paper or electronic documents or if you receive fewer, manageable documents then you should resist the temptation of implementing EDMS software. However, if the nature of your business is such that there is a large flow of incoming or internal documents, or if information security is a concern for you, then it is the right time for you to consider enterprise document management system deployment for your enterprise. Some businesses cannot survive without DMS as it impacts the enterprise at strategic as well as tactical levels. Start early so that you can avoid backfile conversion of the paper documents.

Document Management System Solutions, DMS Solutions

Reduce Processing Time & Cut Cost Further by Combining Document Management Software with Workflow

Some businesses like Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Government, etc. have requirements that go beyond simple management of documents and their requirements include tracking documents in workflows. In such cases, it is a good idea to marry BPMS with DMS to get full control over the workflows and provide real-time dashboards as well to the users. Servosys has a pre-integrated enterprise document management system & BPM product suite that helps Clients easily leverage the combined power of the two technologies.

Why Do You Need Enterprise Document Management System Software

Installing DMS is the starting point of any enterprise’s digital transformation journey because the instant availability, to/from the transfer of business documents is key to starting the operation of any business process. Later, scalability of DMS usages in terms of implementing it for other departments and then integrating with other lines of business applications along with the external Services and APIs are further stages of DMS implementation to smoothly tackle such documents handling related challenges that directly impact organizational growth and sustainability.  Along these lines, modern Document Management Software offers many advantages such as:

  • Capability to allow other external systems to access documents seamlessly.
  • Easy archival and fast retrieval of documents with high-performance I/O.
  • Management of documents without worrying about their origin and format.
  • Ability to make your work processes paperless or less paper.
  • Control over access, distribution, and versioning of documents.

More often than not enterprises implement the EDMS software on their premises and buy a perpetual product license. However,  OPEX-based options or Managed Services are also available should you wish to avail of non-OPEX-based Document Management System Solutions. From the perspective of features and functionalities, the two options are not different as you are able to achieve, index, and retrieve, documents seamlessly, and integrate with other external systems as required for achieving the business goals. Ensure that you buy only new technology products.

Brochure: Know More About Servosys’s DMS. i.e. ServoDocs

Know how you can easily achieve/retrieve a voluminous amount of documents and then integrate the enterprise DMS software with different applications and BPMS to drastically enhance productivity.

The core features & functionalities of Servosys DMS


Archival of digital documents is done through a hierarchical storage mechanism and document links are managed through an external relational database.


This is the key capability of the document management system software where a unique document identifier can be used to retrieve a list of the potentially relevant documents and response time has to be very fast.


Indexing capability allows tracking of electronic documents through the metadata or even through word indexes extracted from the contents of the documents.


Through versioning feature documents are checked in or out and the users are allowed to retrieve previous versions when documents change over time and require updating.

Ease of Integration

Enterprise Document Management System, with many powerful APIs, allows any developer to integrate the system without much training.

High Performance I/O

Since DMS is I/O intensive it is very important to check that the Read/Write operations are highly optimized and use the latest technology capabilities.

Object Storage Support

Provides the capability of document storage not only in conventional folder-based storage but also in object storage types like Amazon S3.

Mobile-First Design

The document management system design is “mobile-first”, it works equally well for mobile and web desktop and provides a set of API to integrate client side mobile apps.

Ease of Configuration

Ease of system configuration and setting up its initial parameters for enterprise usage.

Areas Where Enterprises Exploit DMS The Most

Banks - LOS (Consumer Durables, Retail, SME, Corporate), A/C Opening, Etc.

Insurance - Customer On-Boarding, Claims Settlement, Compliance, Etc.

Shared Services & Outsourcing - Accounts Payable, Receivable, Etc.

Govt Orgs - E-Governance, E-Office, Less-Paper Digital Initiatives, Etc.

Manufacturing & FMCG - Sales Visit Tracking, Order Provisioning, Etc.

Life Science & Pharma - Clinical Trials, Medical Representative Visits, Etc.

Tech/Services Orgs. - Platforms For Business Transaction, Delivery Tracking, Etc.

Housing Finance/NBFCs - Mortgages, Builder Inventory & NOC, Etc.

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Industry Solutions

Harness the Powerful Products


BPM Suite

Advanced BPMN2.0 compliant BPM Suite with a set of tools that enables rapid automation of business processes involving Human & Robotic executors.


Document Management 

Enterprise Document Management System for voluminous Archival/Retrieval and extensive integration needs capable of using cloud object storage like Amazon S3.


Web Scanning Workflow 

TWAIN-compliant Web-Scanning Imaging Workflow System with centralized control, multipage document generation, editing like add/delete, etc.


Mobile & Desktop SDK

Mobile-based Image Processing Library for image auto-correction, compression, JPG to PDF/TIFF conversion, and more; built on open source.