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6 Weeks Delivery For First Business Application

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One of the Largest Private Banks Targets 60-Second Consumer Durable Loan Sanction and Gets First Delivery in 6 Weeks

The Client’s Story

Our bank re-entered the Consumer Durables segment after many years and so our goal was to create differentiation in the market. Servosys has all the necessary technologies from BPM to RPA and DMS to Mobile Imaging which form the heart of any CD automation. We found that the leadership team of Servosys is always ready to help in meeting the deadline that we set for them. When we kicked off this project we had given them exactly 7 weeks to deliver and the commitment was kept as they delivered the first business application in 6 weeks.”


The CD loans business is a key segment for any bank or non-bank as it offers a great opportunity for cross-selling and upselling. However, the market is fiercely competitive and very tricky. The seasonal peak loads can vary as much as 5-10 times that of normal transactional loads.

Since it is a large bank, it already had a whole host of external systems or services that were acquired over a long period of time. So an important challenge apart from delivering the system fast was also the fact that they needed a perfect integration framework.

Servosys’s Delivery Team took the onus of helping out in integrations and the system was ready to deliver what it was built for!

Servosys Products Offered

Major Benefits

  • Fast delivery in 6 weeks for the first business application of CD loans origination
  • The remaining cases are too sanctioned fast due to routing of transactions to human-centric BPM (It proves - BPM is a great fit for RPA).
  • About 50% cases heading towards 60-second TAT owing to RPA and Integrations capabilities.