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An API toolkit built on open source, pluggable into an APP, provides high performance ‘Desktop to Mobile’ imaging solutions for documents used in process automation workflow. Connect With Servosys

Modern-day App Developers are often able to leverage the power of development environments and MADPs (Mobile Application Development Platforms) to the hilt. But when it comes to building Mobile Apps with powerful imaging-rich features like management of images or digitized documents, it is not easy.

The ServoImage is an API Toolkit, Image Processing SDK, built for addressing multiple business problems that involve images. The API can be used in Apps like Customer Onboarding, Loan Origination, etc. By using this API within your Apps, you can reduce the time and effort required to build the Apps for areas where document images are required.

Various functionalities provided help you in business cases where transportation of images from the mobile device to the server is required instantly. Since images can be compressed and converted to standard multipage image file formats, viz. TIFF and PDF, the requirement for bandwidth is reduced and customer experience also enhances greatly.

Brochure: Know More About Servosys’s Imaging Solutions. i.e. ServoImage

Know how you can easily develop applications for automating simple departmental functions to complex enterprise-wide solutions

Key Features & Functionalities of ServoImage

API Toolkit for Apps

The ServoImage API Toolkit is the Image Processing SDK, can be used in Apps like Customer On-boarding, Loan Origination, etc. for addressing business problems that involve images.

Built-on Open Source

This API is built on open source software libraries such as OpenCV, ZXing etc. can be used in Apps for areas where document images are required, and works for Android mobile/tablet.

Image Correction Module

The image correction module corrects geometrically distorted images with “trapezoidal effect” and ``skewed defect`` and produces the corrected imagesto be used thesystem.

JPEG to TIFF Conversion

It can be used to generate multipage TIFF file for images captured on Android devices, conversion of multiple JPG files into a single multi page TIFF, with minimal bandwidth requirements.

JPEG to PDF Conversion

It can be used to generate multipage PDF file with compression for images captured on Android devices; also, allows conversion of multiple JPG files into a single multipage PDF file.

Ease of Use

It can work with popular Android platform, minimal bandwidth, low computational power devices and supports fast conversion from the JPG files into multipage PDF at the source point itself.

Major Benefits

  • On Device execution
  • Minimum Bandwidth required
  • Supports Images & Videos
  • Auto Image Enhancement
  • Easy Document Segregation
  • Integration Friendly

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