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Reporting and Dashboard

Connect With Servosys

ServoReport enables enterprises to make data-driven decisions by identifying the elbow-rooms through a reporting and analytical platform. Our new generation reporting platform allows users to keep eye on ‘how-fast’ theirorganizational KPI-meter is running, which helps them to re-align their strategy and accelerate their productivity.

What makes the platform more conducive is the real-time visibility and ample of data visualization tools to help managers contemplate data on their own parameters to see a deep insight and a 360° view of their overall performance.

Cutting Edge Features of ServoReport

An Advanced Reporting Dashboard
Multi-format Reporting

Dashboard allows customers to view only the selective data, or a selective portion that too presented in the forms such as - tabular, charts, graphs, etc.

APIs-Based Integration

ServoReport can be integrated with BPMS/DMS and other 3rd party APIs to fetch and present the desired section of the data/reports and to send email and notifications.

Compatible with BPMS/DMS

ServoReport platform can be easily integrated with our BPMS (ServoStreams), DMS and Master Data Management to extend the scope this reporting dashboard.

Real-time Reporting

ServoReport can be used to access data and reports anytime and anywhere even through the mobile or tabs-based platforms as it allows the real-time reporting feature.

Enable Collaboration

ServoReport as a unified reporting platform allows customers effectivelycollaborate in real-time with different stakeholders sitting at different places.

Improved Decision Making

ServoReport offers faster and effective decision-making capabilities to its customers much before when it’s too late; also secures a good chance to minimize risks.

Servosys Report Dashboard System

ServoReport Dashboard Features

Challenges, Solutions & Benefits

How does ServoReport provide Competitive Advantage?

Without a real-time reporting platform in place, the KPIs are not monitored well and business knowledge are underutilized, thereby severely affecting the outcome of many decisions taken.


Through a unified system, ServoReport makes sure the easy and universal access of data/report and an accurate insight of KPIs, thereby reducing the chances of loss as the faster and accurate decision can be taken in time.


An insightful reporting system enable better demand forecasting and fitting allocation and the optimum utilization of resources, thereby reducing the cost and improving the quality of services delivery.